Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dare 161

I love when everything comes together and you are just on fire (that'll be funnier in a sec) to get a LO done. I could have posted this last night, but I wanted to let it rest for a while. I still think the big photo needs to be worn down a bit; that's in lesson 5...LOL:
The flames are brushes downloaded from Obsidian Dawn (gradient designs) and the tracks are from DesignFruit (Electrosketch). The spray paint title was in Lesson 3 and the washi tape frame (which I mistakenly called wasabi frames....tooooooo funny!...that'll teach me to type/concentrate while being constantly interrupted by my 8 year-old late in the evening!) is from Kitschy Digitals. It all seemed to fit the "skateboard graphics" challenge in the dare, but what do I know, being an old lady and all ;)
Oh, and I used the delightful 1970s Summer action from Johnna (again), only I left the color in it this time. The oranges are perfect!
This is what I love about digi scrapping: I can carry all the supplies I need with me, to Tess's dance class, storytime at the library, etc. etc., not make a big mess, and finish up while I'm still feeling on fire about my project.

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  1. *giggle* wasabi!! loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!! this lo rocks denise!!! loveeeeeee the flames! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)