Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday again!!!

I haven't been with my scrappin peeps in a month (!) so I am really looking forward to cropping tonight. We have a local mom (who doesn't scrapbook, but) who sells scrapping supplies she picks up from foreclosure auctions, and she will be there tonight. Mostly DCWV stacks, but I used many of those at scrap camp and they really made getting LOs done quick! I love being able to support a struggling single mom as well as getting a deal. She used to do a lot of flea markets but if you can believe it, the booth costs have gotten too much for her to do them! As Ben likes to say, "what the heck?!"

I've been scrapping a little bit, even though I haven't been to a crop in a while. Studio Calico has had some good challenges lately...although I never saw a winner from the scraplift challenge. I probably missed it while on vacation. I worked on this last Friday at home but didn't get it posted in time, so you get to see it first! ;)

The challenge was to print or stamp on masking tape...I used second-generation stamping on the word "softy" to lighten up the subtitle. I just added the sewing this afternoon, that's why I didn't get it posted for the challenge. It's about a silly little game Ben likes to play, where he makes fists (mean hands) and I hold my hands flat (nice hands). They "run away" and "cry" and he immediately wants to give them a hug. He's a real sweetie.

I posted this one on my fb profile while on vacation (gotta love digi scrapping). Still love this, especially that YELLOW! Ben often talks about our "Florida home" and says he misses it. Pretty funny, considering how tight quarters were and that we were only there for a week!

Just finished this one today (another one you'll see here first!) I have held off on Designer Digital's weekly Thursday sales (30% off select products) but when I saw this kit, I had to have it for our Florida pictures.

The journal block and letters for Venice are from other kits, but all the rest is from Katie's Alandia Tropics kit. One of their instructors, Pattie Knox, is teaching a digital art journal techniques class (!) starting April 5th; her product instructions have always been extremely helpful (and often free with her products, like her 2010 Calendar templates), so I'm looking forward to her class. I haven't done any more prompts from A Year in the Life of an Art Journal (my bad), partly because I don't often have time to get out those messy materials with a three year-old around (!!) so digi art journaling will be much more accessible for me!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Spring" Break

sea turtle exhibit at Mote Aquarium, Sarasota, FL

Wow. That's all I have to say. And maybe "sorry." Yes, definitely "sorry." Moving on...

I have my hormonal issues under control...that was a harrowing experience. Also, the mammogram revealed a cyst, (I heard Arnold in my head: "it's not a tooomur..."), which gave me relief. Right now I'm in Florida for a few more days, the rain has stopped (24 hours, overnight Thursday and most of the day Friday), and I really miss blogging.

I love having my laptop along on vacation. I started a digi LO before we left and was able to finish it up in Florida. My sweet-cheeked boy is quite the camera poser. I have to do a "matching" LO for the girl or else she'll have Issues.

I have also been enjoying my Studio Calico kits...and only once was "bad" enough to look and and order an add-on...those get expensive! Whoa. Now when I go to a crop I just take my kits and work with them exclusively. There is a LOT of stuff in each kit, and they seem to match across months. Very cool. I picked up their Anthology line from a local vendor and had fun with it at my last crop:

My March kit arrived the day we left; a neighbor took it in for safekeeping. Something else to look forward to when I return home!

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I won't make promises, but I will make try and update more often. ;)