Monday, August 16, 2010

Alice ATCs

I have been having waaay too much fun making these.

They are for the 2nd challenge over at Angie Backen's new ATC swap site, simply ArTistiC. It's really been helping me move the sludge around and out of my scrap room, which I've been needing to do for a while. I spent Sunday at home cleaning up toys from our family room, and yes -- it took me ALL day to do ONE room. You know the saying, "Cleaning when you have young children is like shoveling when it's still snowing out..." Well, toys have been PUT AWAY, far away, and I am keeping what is out to the bare minimum. That should help (she says, as she steps on another. damn. hot. wheel. car.)
Okay, back to the cards. You make just one, which gets swapped out (eventually), I'm guessing on some kind of lottery system. Yes, I made three for this second challenge. Told ya I found my mojo! Well, that and I love vintage Alice.
I almost don't want to swap these out. Tess wants another top one, the middle one is my favorite, and the last one I printed out the image on watercolor paper, then hand-colored, so it was the most time-intensive of all. I'm just glad I only had to make one!
Check out the have until September 1st to do this second challenge...the first one was Alice, too, only based on costumes from the Tim Burton movie and quotes from the Avril Lavigne video. As you can see, I dig the vintage stuff more. Can't wait to see what they come up with next; the small canvas is perfect for getting your mojo going.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl on the Run

Just back from our first camping trip -- not in the a REAL state park (Petoskey State Park...gorgeous!). It rained overnight, so E had to take down a wet tent, but otherwise the kids were troopers and LOVED it (for just the one night). The only thing I wanted was campfire s'mores, and after a last-minute trip to Glen's Market for graham crackers (I've been hoarding marshmallows and Hershey's chocolate since the 4th of July), my wish was granted. Too bad it was too dark to take decent photos; we had GIGANTIC marshmallows.

Speaking of marshmallows...heh...

Don't be fooled, I only look thinner than last month because (a) nice tan and (b) dark top. Although I'm surprised my arms look this good sleeveless...then again, cap sleeves (last month's photo) make my upper arms look worse, somehow. Sigh.

I have barely made a dent in my measurements, so I need to get cranking again. I'm about to start Week 3 of Robert Ullrey's Couch to 5K podcast. I loved Week 2 (90 seconds of running, 2 minutes of brisk walking, x6) so I'm curious to see what's on for Week 3. I have a feeling (especially after more than a week off from bad) that the even-numbered weeks are going to be my favorites. More about consistency than anything else.

The biggest help has been various stretches from cool running [dot] com. I was experiencing a different twinge every time I ran; first my shins, then my hip, then my knees...warming up with a 5-minute brisk walk and taking time to stretch (with a cool-down walk and stretch at the end of my intervals) has really, really helped. Well, that and Advil.

I am signing up for my first run at the end of August. Just a one-mile run, but Tess might even join me for it, and that would be a blast. One of the reasons I chose running is because in 3rd grade our schools have a Girls on the Run program (a mix of sport and girl support group) but I figured Tess won't try it (much as she loves their 1-mile Turkey Trot every November) unless I prove anyone can do it. Including her marshmallow lump of a Farmville-addicted mom :D