Friday, May 20, 2011

The grass is green...

Since this is not a weight loss blog, I'll keep this brief...on Easter Sunday I started walking. Oh, I've stopped, thank you very much, but I made the decision that I was (once again) at an unacceptable weight and I needed to start moving more...a lot more. Not running yet; since that didn't go as well as planned last year, I'm working my way towards it slowly. I walk, swim, use the arc trainer at the gym, and do yoga (LOVE). I have been trying to get in at least 30 minutes of movement four times a week for the last month, and it's working...I've lost 4 pounds total, slow and steady, and set up a new routine that I plan on keeping up once the kids are out of school.

Ben is almost week is his last week. We've decided to send him to Young Fives instead of kindergarten, even though his birthday is not that late in the fall. So many parents are holding their kids -- especially boys -- with fall birthdays back, and in comparison to his current classmates who are already 5 years old, Ben has a bit of maturing to do. I'm sure he'll be all caught up by the fall, but what worries me more is when he is 12...and everyone in his class is turning 13...because they were held back.

I have not been getting a whole lot of scrapping done. Our Friday nights kind of petered out; we get one a month in, it seems, and my scrap room is too distracting for me to get much done. I am really hoping to scrap at home tonight; my scrap buddies all have daughters in a dance recital tonight, so nobody's hosting.

My best achievement of late is finishing a project from CKU Detroit...which came through in 2007. MAN, that felt good. It took a girls' weekend and limiting my crop choices to finally get it done, but I did it!