Monday, January 31, 2011

Hunkering down...

Two things are supposed to happen this week: a big snowstorm, and the start of the L.O.A.D. (LayOut A Day) challenge at ScrapHappy. Yes, I finally decided to "pay-to-play" since I've been struggling to find a scrap/sharing "home" for more than a year now, without much luck.

Actually, I did pay-to-play at the Digital Scrapbook Artisian Guild this past year. While I enjoyed the online magazine, their digital designs weren't really my style. You can upload any product there now, but I found it to be a very quiet group, and there are no traditional paper layouts there at all (which makes sense, given the name)! I've let that subscription lapse.

I did recently sign up for Masterful Scrapbook Design through Get It Scrapped...and I really enjoy the lessons (when I take time to read through them...) There is a $10 monthly fee for the lessons, webisodes, chats, gallery, etc. etc. and so far it has been worth it. I need to take better advantage of it, though. My big roadblock is that I have to clear my IE cookies for it to work in IE. Since I have so many websites I've joined (with varying user names and passwords), I hate to clear all that info. As a result, I have to log in to MSD through Google Chrome...and again, I have to think of it in order to get it done.

In the meantime, I have been doing quite a bit of paper layouts...I had total fun working at home this past Friday and really let my creativity flow!
This one I did at a church crop with my local scrapping friends a few weeks ago. I really wanted to use one of two woodgrain papers I had (green, from SIStv, or brown, by Hambly), but both were too busy for my large photos. I ended up weaving them together and putting them at the bottom...a look I really love! Michelle gave me a Maya Road tree top & trunk she wasn't going to use, and I misted the heck out of them, then decorated the tree with pearl "apples" for fun. I really like how this one turned out!
This is one of the two I did this past Friday. It's an old photo (December 2009!) but I found a layout to lift from Gundrun's blog and took off with it. I especially love the subtle subtitle along the left's what I imagine Ben is saying every time I look at this photo! Best of all, I used textured paper (on the right) that I've had since 2003 -- yay, me!
I did this one late on Friday, and feel like the bling is too much. I used Lain's End of the Month Inspiration photo, and my new fringe scissors (thanks, Becky!), though, and these pictures are scrapped (score one for me)! I love that I found another use for the ribbon I HAD to have this past spring...American Craft's rose ribbon. Only now I'm almost out ;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Massive Update...knittin & scrappin fool

So, last weekend was the much-anticipated F52's weekend, hosted by the lovely Debbie with her amazing kitchen and many comfy rooms. I had offered my house at one point but it might have been crowded (and, getting rid of hubs & kiddoodles for the weekend tricky at best).

I started knitting little gifties for each and every one back in August (dishcloths, with handmade soap from a friend), but my near-Waterloo was The Bag. Seems last year's bag (felted) for Tresha went over so well, the organizer (that would be you, Kelly!) somehow...hmm...managed to end up with me as her Secret Elf this year. I had been wanting to make this record bag from Funky Knits (record = 12", scrapbook crap = 12"...coincidence?!) and here was my chance.

Little did I know I'd be knitting in the handle just one. day. before I was to get together with everyone. And hand it off to my mom with seconds to spare Thursday night so that she could (generously offered to) put in a lining. Since the yarn could not be felted, it needed something to hold it together. Mom even put in pockets! Mom rocks.
Found the perfect batik lining on Thursday, too...after stopping at the knit shop to get the last 4 yards of yarn (!) needed to finish up the handle. Queen of Last-Minute Finishing, that's me!
Here were the knitted goodies I gave to each lady, done in her fave colors. It pays to be my friend ;)
And here are the 4 LOs (6 pages, if you count like my buddies. I like how my scrap buddies count)...PAPER layouts, I might add...that I finished over the weekend.
From May: Vintage Vroom...Ben in the pedal cars at Greenfield Village, while we were waiting for our ride on Thomas.

Shop Class, also from May 2010 - same trip...Tess making tiny brass candlesticks at the Armington & Sims machine shop replica at Greenfield Village...finally using the Graphic 45 papers I've been hoarding ;)

From waaaay back in December, 2009 (!): A visit from our friends and their son, who hooked up on DS with Tess, while Ben pretended with his new "Leapster DS" ;)

And my one double-pager, about the awesome Creative Play program organized by Kelly at her church in Chelsea. I miss Creative Play! And MOPS. But not enough to have any. more. babies. thankyouverymuch.

We were all pretty good Friday night, got to bed by 11:30p (amateur), but I stayed up far too late on Saturday watching Toy Story 3 (until 3a!) , and woke up Sunday feeling under the weather. Even brunch at Gandy Dancer didn't perk me up. A birthday party for one of Ben's preschool buddies at Chuck E. Cheese's that afternoon sure as HELL didn't make me feel any better, so I'm late in posting all the goodness. Had to assist at the co-op yesterday, luckily I was feeling okay enough to go and not sneeze or cough on any little ones. Peace out.