Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten

My biggest challenge with scrapbooking this year was catching up with my attempt at Project 365 in 2008. I was so busy uploading my daily photos to Flickr (so sad...I hardly EVER go there anymore) and I had SO MANY photos to scrap, that I got behind early on and couldn't keep up, even though I quit 365 in October 2008.

Once I knew I was going to Scrap Camp {{shudder}} I started saving LOs to do there. Most of my work through the year was either catching up with 2008 or trying various challenges to get my mojo going (having a backlog of 220+ photos was quite the load on my scrapping mind all. year. long.) So when I present my Top Ten layouts for 2009, don't be surprised to see a lot of 2008 subject matter and odd bits of info about me. That's just how I was rolling in 2009...

One thing I did a lot of this year was use sketches and scraplift. This was a lift of a LO from CK magazine; the circles were originally buttons. Watch that rainbow paper; it crops (haha) up on a LOT of my LOs this year...

Let me just say...THICKERS. Yeah, I have quite a collection now. And I have become quite fearless of my handwriting, although I still think it sucks and I could do a better job with some pre-planning. Only all that pre-planning of my journaling tends to suck the life out of my writing.

This kimono one got me Jeanette's pick of the week over at SIStv in April and a $20 GC to their boutique. It's not my favorite because it won, it's a favorite because it was LOTS of fun to work on! One thing I'm going to miss is Scrap in Style collection kits...sniff.

This was from a scraplift challenge over at SIStv. I like mine better than the original. Just sayin' ;P

This was one I did after raiding the SIStv boutique at SISiversary in late June. I am not yet tired of October Afternoon! The photo was also one of the first that I altered (made it "vintage") after I got PSE7 for Mother's Day.

Retro Modern was the first kit I purchased from SIStv, early in the year. I really held my breath because it was so not me. But I ended up having a lot of fun with it. I love that I chronicled our (hub's and my) mutual love of Big Bang Theory. Another one that was just plain fun to do!

AGAIN with the rainbow paper! This was the first challenge over at Kiddie Lit; the Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite books. I love that I had some old blue gingham paper that I managed to dig up and use on this LO! ;) This was also the first LO where I reeeeeeaaally distressed the outer edges of my LO. I need to scrap about my first house some more...this is the only photo I've scrapped of my first house; I need to do more...I bought it myself and lived there six years, after all!

This was a handwriting challenge at Creative Type. I cannot for the life of me remember where I came up with the spiral journalling strip; I know it took me three tries to cut it right! I think the spiral was inspired by my handwriting analysis. Oh, and I used more ancient supplies...the letter stickers are circa 2000 or so!

A color challenge from A Few of my Favorite Things. I keep saying "I don't do collage," but I sure as heck had fun slapping down everything orange in my stash!

Back to simplicity. And lots of stash-raiding. I hope to never buy another tennis embellishment ever. again. LOL. And again with the PSE7 artistry...this time a sepia-toned photo, where everyone was orginally wearing really clashing colors.
Pretty eclectic, huh? I was really scattered, style-wise, this year. I think perhaps that IS my style...all over the place. I love a great variety of color (ahem...not just orange...) and the challenges I participated in really helped me raid my stash and use what I had...which I had to do after the SIStv boutique closed down.

Don't get me wrong, I love my LSSs (although 3 of them closed this year...and one re-opened) and try to crop at one once a month or so (more now that my mom is back in town).

I miss our Friday night group at Scrapbook Memories, although she never had new stock, because her crops were only $5. I have to choke at paying $12-$15 now (Scrappy Chic and Scrapbook Zone prices), especially considering I can't get there before 7p, and so the bonus of dinner is lost on me. I could make it a bit earlier to Scrap Tales, but they haven't done Friday night crops since they re-opened :(

I did subscribe to Studio Calico kits starting this month; they have new and unique treasures that I grew to love in the Scrap in Style kits. A lot of buddies from SIStv are there on the message boards; it's so nice to see familiar names and faces! I hope to keep searching for and growing my "style" in 2010, whatever it may be. That's about it for scrapbooking resolutions.


  1. Love to look at all the different layouts... Yes, you scrap a bit like me - not ONE style but whatever fits at the moment... LOVE IT!!! And yes, it's Tuesday in the Netherlands, but if you wanna play the top 2000 - there are still 2 days left! I'd love it if you came and played along, but no worries if you dont... I love you anyway! Have a fabulous new year, and see you around on SIS or somewhere on the Internet!

  2. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all of these denise!!! seeing them again brings back memories of when i first saw them!!!! My faves are BIG BANG and or course...FAVE THINGS!!! LOL!!! I'm not biased or anything!! LOL!!!!! These just rock! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Gee D your upset because you feel behind on scrapping...we won't even talk about what year/stuff I'm working on (Ha-Ha-Ha). I was just excited to get one gift book done! Was on a roll with the second one and then life kicked in... I too need to get back into a regular schedule for scrapping.

  4. Hey Denise - we'd love to fix a plate for you at our Friday crop if you can't make it in time! :) Hope you can make it soon (Saturdays are good, too, less $$ and longer hours!).

    Chris - Scrappy Chic