Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ms. Mojo's Visiting...

Just getting my mojo back. Still haven't finished my Hawaii mini-album, but I'm close. For some reason, scrapbooking seems to go so. sloooow. lately. It just seems to take me HOURS to finish one layout. My biggest delay is searching through paper scraps. I have no desire for new paper; I have SO MUCH already, it's crazy. Time to de-stash, but not while Mojo's visiting. Gotta put my head down and see where this latest burst of energy takes me.
This is from April 2011 (!) Yes, I'm waaay behind on last year. And yes, I MUST scrapbook chronologically (sometimes). I had 300+ photos printed for Scrap Camp back in October, and I've barely made a dent in them.

I wanted to use chevrons on this page, because Ben was hopping all over the place in these photos. I had to take a strip of diagonally striped paper and turn the middle one upside down (at the top) to make chevrons. The chevrons on the photo mat were just part of the paper (both papers from old SIStv collections, circa 2009. See? I *DO* hang on to those scraps! LOL). The black polka-dotted tape is new, from the Smash collection. Flowers are American Crafts. Title letters are from Pink Paislee, bought at the SIStv retreat I attended in Tennessee in 2009. This is why I could never be on a design team...I have to sit on stuff for YEARS before I use it! ;)
Oh yay! A Hawaii layout. Now, this could be submitted for the Graphics 45 design team, because everything on it is from their Tropical Travelogue collection. When I got back from Hawaii, a local scrapbook wholesaler had this up for sale, and I HAD to have it. Obviously. 

We rented a car for our last two days on Oahu, and the first day we had it, we drove around the island up to the North Shore. The waves were too active to see any sea turtles :( but we sat for a while and watched the powerful surf. They fully deserved full-on 5"x7" photos, and I used a sketch (HIGHLY modified) from Get it Scrapped. #73, I think...from their 30 Greatest Hits download, I believe.

Now that my youngest is in school full-time on Fridays (!!) I will be going to scrap tomorrow starting at 12 NOON. omg. I have 4 page "kits" ready with photos, sketches, and paper/embellishments, so hopefully I will have more (at least ONE, please God...I need to speed up my process!) to share this weekend.

Finally, yes, my community suffered some tornado devastation this past week...luckily, no one was seriously harmed or killed, due to the fair warning we had, the time the tornado occurred (5:15p), and the fact that mid-westerners reallyDO take tornado warnings seriously, and TAKE COVER when told. 

Tess had a school event last night and I took this photo of the post-it note boards (TWO of them) full of notes both positive and negative (kids sharing their fears), and it reminded me again what an amazing community I live in.

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  1. Found a free moment in these busy days, and thought I'd visit you to see how you're doing. Still rockin' and rollin' girl?! The Mojo will come back - it always does! Take care!