Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's always darkest...

...just before a little Glimmer arrives...Somehow I won this kit by commenting on Northridge Media's/Scrapbook Trends' blog on Black Friday. I have no memory of entering a comment (or a contest), but I'm not complaining! Oh my no. I noted that they also selected "random" winners from folks who had ordered $50 or more from Northridge that day, but I know for a fact I didn't do that (I was too busy getting freebies from the awesome DigiScrap Addicts blog train rolling that day)! I did pre-order their Christmas Cards magazine back in October, but that was only about $20 worth of stuff. Clueless! Anyway, thank you Northridge Media!

When I got the email saying I'd won, I'd been having a particularly rough day...I don't remember why, probably due to the 2 (count 'em, TWO) last-minute Co-op fundraisers I was sales & scrip cards (remind me not to do that again, please...not Ways & Means, but 2 fundraisers due at the same time)...yesterday when the package came I'd just finished a day of errands, good errands, but at the expense of completely forgetting the high tea I look forward to attending each month with my Mom...she called to see if I was on my way as I was heading out the door to do those errands. Grr. Then...package! Which made me feel better, if not her. Sorry again, Mom :(

My current daily obsession is the month-long sale going on at Designer Digitals. Stop, I beg of you! Every day they put new things on sale, things on my wishlist and things I hadn't noticed before. One of the first things I downloaded was the Circus Circus paper kit from Jesse Edwards, with my photos from the Ringling Museum eagerly waiting in the wings. I tweaked it a bit every night, especially the titlework, where I taught myself how to cut letters out of a patterned paper using a layer mask (quite proud of myself, I am).

It has been easy enough to avoid buying Ali Edward's handprinted title/word packages (I really should use my *own* handwriting, right?), because I have the (legally!) downloaded Creating Keepsakes version of her handwriting font (which I used here). Still, it's missing the lovely flow of actual handwriting, so I believe a few (ahem) of Ali's lettering packages have made it into my cart in the past week or so.

Here's to hoping I can avoid further temptation...16 more days to go...damn you Designer Digitals! :D


  1. Very cool that you won!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee the lo!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment you posted on my blog. When we look at vintage images, it always brings back sweet memories, even if they aren't our own pictures, don't they? Merry Christmas! xoxo