Monday, December 27, 2010

Feels so good...

To do a little paper scrapping!

Well, this was a while ago...about 3 weeks, I think. I had just organized my Studio Calico kit (which I am no longer getting, but have plenty to spare!) papers by color, and cleaned out my inspiration binder, so I was ready to rock. I like how this one turned out. A LOT. The mists went on quite dark but dried beautifully. Perfectly, in fact.

I was ready to upload this one at the same time, but it needed something more. There was a big blank spot above the chipmunk in the large photo, and I filled it with a die-cut swirl. Did I tell you I bought myself a Sizzix Big Kick with some birthday money? I am all about the hand-crank, heh.

I had more than one Christmas surprise, when I was not expecting any. Not after the rockin Laptop Gift of 2009. How could E top that? I even said as much to him when he told me he'd bought "something technical" for me this year. I was ready to give him a list (with one thing on it: The Cinch) when he told me that, so I didn't mention it at the time.

Then he headed out to do some "last-minute Christmas shopping," wink wink nudge nudge on CHRISTMAS EVE. Yeah, that's last-minute alright. I had figured his "technical" gift from earlier was a red herring (maybe an origami-folded paper wallet? haha), so I told him about the Cinch wish, but he shook his head and said "I'm not going all the way out there" (to the JoAnn's Etc on the other side of town) even though I had a coupon for him if he wanted to check it out.

Flash forward to Christmas Day: not only did I get the Cinch, but also the promised "technical" gift, which was truly a techie dream: an iPod Touch (which I refer to as simply the "iTouch"...probably incorrectly, since it sounds a little dirty).

The first app I downloaded was the Hipstamatic. I have been drooling over others' photos from this app for a while now...and now I have some of my own.

I've been thinking about participating in another 365 project, starting in January, and the iPod Touch makes it soooo much easier to participate than lugging my DSLR around (both lenses are having focusing problems, to boot...I need to get them to a repair shop). Since I started taking pictures right away, I figured, why not start a 365 right away? So I did.

Now to get a Flickr pro account again. Mine expired in September and I haven't taken the time to renew it.


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeeee the pages...and what AWESOME gifts you got!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Great layouts! I use my iphone to take pictures all the time (love not having to haul a camera around).