Friday, January 15, 2010

Setting worries aside

I'm having what I think are health issues and I've learned an interesting trick...when you start to turn a worry over and over in your mind, say to yourself, I am going to think about this at such-and-such time, I don't have time for it right now. I try to flood my mind with positive thoughts and move on. Hormonal issues have made this hard. At least I was finally able to schedule a mammography (my goal was to have this done by the end of January, my appointment is January 28th!) and that has helped ease the worry just a bit. Taking action is always recommended (at the set-aside time, of course) ;)

I have two issues working against me this week: the lack of sleep last weekend (which I wouldn't trade for anything, LOL) and totally PMS immersion...on Tuesday I was suicidal (not really...don't send me to the psyche ward yet!), Wednesday I was Miss Chatterbox/font of positivity, yesterday I was an emotional wreck again, whoo hoo, welcome to hormonal rollercoaster of your 40s!

I've always had some minor issues during my PMS cycle (who doesn't?!), but since having kids it is nastier, and lasting longer. Oh, and hitting me in the middle of my cycle, as well. Not fun.

I am looking forward to some art journaling therapy. Right now I'm off to choose my format (I have a really cool old 1973 diary I might alter...or I might use those 5x7 HS playing cards I got cheap, and bind them together later...hmmm...) Either way, it's a great distraction from worrying.


  1. Hi D -

    Send positive thoughts your way! You know I'm a big believer in attitude is everything and laughing helps too! The great thing is that you have interests/hobbies that you can focus on and take a break from everything. Very Important!

    Hugs -


  2. i'll be thinking of u girl...totally get the highs and lows of pms!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh Denise... I'm beyond PMS and it's getting worse for me... heat rushes!!! Eeeeeekkkk! I do hope "they" can do something about it!!!! I'm in the same mode as you are - just don't think about it and let the sweatdrops fall on an art journal... pretending I don't notice and go on (try to) enjoy and laugh... I would LOVE to have a good laugh about it all with YOU right now!!! Thinking of you on the other side of the world, have a happy weekend! Love, Marit