Monday, January 11, 2010

Exhausted but satisfied

As usual, I took a TON of sCRAPping "stuff" with me to our F52's weekend (my first as a group member) and only used a handful of things...mostly my Studio Calico kits. Now that I've discovered Maya mists, I am going to spray them on pretty much every. background. True to what I've been hearing from friends, they are the better mist...they dry quickly (even the metallic ones) and don't soak the paper until it warps out of control. LOVE them, will be adding a color or two to every order until I have. them. all.

Tresha loved her felted bag; I feel I was given the hardest person to please as I kind of hazing/"pass this test" for the group, and I was told by a couple of members that I passed with flying colors. My secret elf got me a cool pink Dymo label maker; it has three font wheels but I will pretty much be keeping the cursive one in. Gorgeous! Oh, I made a nametag for Tess (who can never find anything personalized with her name -- "I'm going to write the company!" is her constant battle cry) but forgot to give it to her. On teal tape, no less, her "new favorite color" this year.

Here's proof that Maya is better than Glimmer: I went to use my gold Glimmer mist (finally) on this next LO and the pump would. not. work. Not after running it under hot water, not in another mist; I had to swap the pump with one from another color (that one worked). Also, the gold completely curled my paper; I put a piece of solid cardstock behind it to smooth it out. Frustrating.
I love that I was able to get EIGHT photos on this LO. I really spent a long time behind my front door screen waiting for the perfect shot, and still got quite a few decent ones. Had to outline the Studio Calico ampersand stamp with black ink but I like the look.
Two problems after the weekend: I'm utterly exhausted after two 2:30a bedtimes (wimp!) and I lost my car keys...that turned yesterday's return home into a whole ordeal that I'd rather forget (although I can't, because I still don't have my car keys! I feel like I've lost a couple of fingers, so weird!!) Our hostess had to drive me to my house to get the spare, then drive me back to her house to use it. I'm super-paranoid about my key now; I am constantly checking the pocket where it resides, it's like having a (hopefully) temporary case of severe OCD.
I just had a mocha, sitting at Foggy Bottom with my laptop while Ben is in preschool...thank God for this small break and a chance to write.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, except for the keys... I love your layouts and yes, I'm a mist-fan! I use spray ink from Ranger and have 3 bottles of glimmer that I don't use much... due to the problems YOU mention here! Thanks for the tip about Maya, I will look out for those next time I buy the stuff!

  2. omg! 1) love your layouts & 2) i recently stumbled into the maya mist glory. i cant believe maya road has marketed their (imo) superior product so poorly that no one really knows about it. it comes in less colors, but WHO CARES??!!? its completely amazing because it actually works as you expect it to.

    anywho, thanks for sharing!

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh love the lo's and that misting rocks!!!!! and bummer about the keys....hopefully they show up! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)