Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Truly obsessive knitting

Mitred squares...finally figured out!
It wasn't until I was at soccer practice tonight tonight that I realized I NEED knitting. I've never really been a social mom, and although this soccer club is more relaxed than most (which is why we joined it), I still have trouble making small talk with other soccer parents. I'm so glad I have knitting, and I have found the perfect take-along project.

I've been considering the Beekeeper's Quilt, but wanted to see how hard hexipuffs (yes, that's a word!) were to make before committing to the pattern. I found 2 free hexipuff patterns, and had a hell of a time with both of them. 

Eventually in my wanderings around Ravelry I found a (free) pattern explaining a triangular mitred square wrap, and gave that a try. These were wildly popular about a year ago (I'm behind in the knitting world as well as socially!), but the hexipuffs had more recently caught my attention. Having given up on those, I went back to the pattern that originally caught my eye. I wasn't completely sold on the stuffing-and-sewing together aspect of the hexipuffs after all.

Mitred squares have you picking up edges of already-completed squares, and so the only sewing is end weaving. I'm sold, and after making the above sample (I think it's going to be a tiny pillow for my daughter's dolls), I figured out where to pick up and where to cast on to get the diagonals going the same way.

I have a lovely bag of mini-skeins, as they are called, from my knit night group. I brought in my own sock yarn and eagerly wrapped 30-45 yard minis to trade. I started my 2.5 inch square wrap this morning, and I'm on square #4 (of who-knows-how-many squares, as I'm doing mine smaller than what is pictured in the pattern). I started wrist warmers to match my recently finished Amelia Earhart cap, but those have been set aside in my unending curiosity to see what mini skein comes next out of my collection and into my wrap!
Made of very soft City Tweed from Knit Picks...I have a whole skein left for wrist-warmers


  1. Your hat is toooooooooo cute!! And I'm not a very good social Mama... so I get it! lol!!

  2. I find you to quite entertaining and social :)

    1. Hi Kelly! ;) Hmmm...that social bit with the scrap group took me a while, though, LOL!

  3. Love the hat! Thanks for stopping by my blog and it's fun to connect with fellow Michiganders! Isn't this weather fantastic today?